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A Carpenter's Dream photo

The MCS3 Workstation is a "must have" for any serious carpenter. You just roll up to the job site, unload the MCS3, position the unit for easy access, and setup is a snap. Your ready to work having all of your tools right there and very accessible. So what are you waiting for? Why not set yourself apart from the competition and get your MCS3 today!


Folds Up Easily - The sides open out for added workspace. Not just a roller for holding up a piece of wood but a place to lay out building plans, eat your lunch or clamp a vice. These are built tough. You can lift up the whole cart by these wings without causing damage or bending anything. A great feature when there are extreme conditions. They automatically lock into place for safety and to unlock them is very simple. Adjustable to insure a consistent, level work space.

Pneumatic 10" wheels - Large enough to get over rough ground, extension cords in the shop, rocks, curbs etc. Includes two stationary and two swivel wheels for better control, (i.e. a grocery cart as opposed to all wheel swivel.) The swivel wheels have brakes as well as swivel locks in case you set up on a hillside or slope.

1000 lbs. Load Capacity - Cart weighs 300 lbs. empty and has a total load capacity of 1000 pounds.

Tie down hooks on bottom of cart.

Guarantee on parts against manufacturing defects for 1 year.



Adjustable Saw Table - Saw deck or table. By placing a cordless drill in a socket (key included) in the table top and spinning it, the table will raise up or down a full 5 inches. From flush with the top of the wings to 5 inches down. This depth will accommodate any chop saw on the market today, making it a 'one size fits all' cart. This mechanism is supported on each corner and is stable at any level. The screw lead design allows for precise adjustments as well as fine tuning for leveling (factory calibrated)

Built-in Work Bench - 7 lock drawers in 4 different sizes to accommodate a variety of tools. The largest will hold heavy tools (i.e. skill saw and tool bags). The drawer above will hold a 2 foot framing square and is deep enough to handle cordless tool battery chargers.

Each drawer is rated for 100 lbs.

Locking handles are made of stainless steel for anti rust quality.

Drawer fronts are 5 bar diamond plate aluminum. Stylish diamond plating with anti-rust durability *Gives that cutting edge appearance!

The cupboard in the back has space for large tools such as a Sawzall or other equipment that may include a carrying case or individual storage unit. It comes with a fire extinguisher mounted in, as well as the 6 outlet plug-in strip for all your tools and chargers. Also accommodates miscellaneous item storage (i.e. extension cords, Occupational Safety and Health Association, OSHA approved First Aid kits, etc.)

Wood or Steel - Guards and shrouds protect mechanism and fingers from each other. Table top and wings are available in powder coated steel or wood, each with it's own advantage. Wood for a carpenter could be replaced as necessary with familiar materials and it would be easier to screw down your chop saw into the wood surface. Metal on the other hand would hold up better and be safer if you had a metal cutting saw that put out a lot of sparks. Some may simply have a preference for one or the other based on looks or their style. The wood is actually more expensive to make because of the time involved sanding and varnishing, and I use that very expensive plywood with the maple veneer!

Saw Horses - These are heavy duty saw horses, stowed together on the cart and they are the same height as the table top.



Luxury with Durability - The MCS3 Workstation is fabricated from heavy duty steel with high impact-resistant Powder Coating and accented with 5-Bar aluminum drawer faces and doors. It provides all you need to get the job done in one magnificent workstation.

Complete Workstation - The MCS3 Workstation has an adjustable saw table, built in workbench with an expandable work surface up to 7 ft. (wood or steel), electrical outlets (6), 2 saw horses to triple your work surface.

Dimensions without saw horses 38" high, 27" wide, 42" long

Dimensions with saw horses 48" high, 27" wide, 52" long

5 standard colors with option to choose your own custom color for a small added charge.

Match color to the industry tool manufacturer's colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, White & Black. Custom colors available also.

Optional Accessories

Receiver Hitch Platform - carrier platform designed for class III-IV hitch with 1000 lbs. TW (tongue weight) capacity. DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) approved. Includes ramps that fold down to curbside for easy loading and unloading. Locks upright for travel and moves easily for storage when not in use. Cart doubles as recreational or other work related carrying platform. Five standard colors with option to choose your own custom color. Has wheels integrated for easy moving when off of truck.

Protective Cover - Recommended when transporting on platform. Protective Cover keeps cart free of road dirt and rain. Doubles as rain fly. Have your name or logo embroidered or screen printed on cover for additional charge.

Five standard color options:

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