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Mobile Service Technologies, Inc. Unveils New MCS3 Workstation (April 20, 2004)

News Release

Efficient, sturdy, and portable workstation assists professional contractors, carpenters and welders do tough jobs

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Inaugurating its first innovative tool for the construction trade, Mobile Services Technologies, Inc. announces the release of its state-of-the-art MCS3 Workstation for professional builders, carpenters, and welders.

The MCS3 Workstation delivers a well-thought out, comprehensive workstation and tool storage solution for professional carpenters, welders, and building contractors. It enables users to transport a full range of tools and an adjustable, level worktable into tight areas. Its compact and efficient design saves valuable time moving tools and equipment and enables precision tooling work to be done even in out of the way locations.

Mobile Services Technologies worked with designer Bill Dick, who got his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, to create the optimal portable workstation for professional contractors.

“I like to think of new and better ways to get things done,” says designer Bill Dick. His experience working as a welder and machine repairman under tough conditions for the fishing and oil drilling industries in Alaska gave Bill first hand understanding of the kind of maneuverability and durability contractors need to accomplish mission-critical work.

So much depends on machinists and carpenters doing their job well and often the conditions they are required to work under have built in safety hazards. The MCS3 Workstation was developed to minimize safety risks, provide full functionality, and deliver ease of use.

Mobile Services Technologies, Inc. is ready to sell its workstation solution to contractors nationwide. It expects small- to mid-sized outfits to quickly take advantage of this cost-effective product and has arranged for favorable financing terms to facilitate sales.

Mobility, convenience, and style satisfy customer needs.

The MCS3 Workstation answers the needs of contractors, carpenters, welders, and other building professionals. Its streamlined design helps workers do a better job and minimizes safety hazards, increasing worktime profitability in the long run.

Mobile Services Technologies, Inc. was concerned with providing product to meet a wide-range of construction needs. It designed the workstation to withstand a load capacity of 1000lbs and built all features to carry heavy loads under heavy usage.

Special features provide for mobility and convenience on the workfloor. The MCS3 Workstation is designed with fold out sides to provide a sturdy and level wide-area workspace. Solidity, flexibility, and safety were prime concerns of the developers. Table sides lock into place for safety, with fully reinforced corners, and are adjustable so they can be made to match the worktable height needed for specific jobs.

Mobility control includes ten-inch pneumatic wheels which lock into place to hold the workstation securely even on an inclined surface; tie-down hooks on the bottom of the cart; and locking handles to prevent flyaway drawers with heavy, valuable tools.

Available in five bold colors, the MCS3 Workstation will enhance the professional look of any contractor’s work area and will draw attention to the site. To accommodate the style and design of specific firms, Mobile Services Technologies has also made the workstation available in custom colors for a modest delay in delivery.

Mobile workstation provides one-stop worktable solution for contractors

Designer Bill Dick was always concerned with making tools work better. Owner of his own welding shop, he had many opportunities to repair and enhance existing machine products. Bringing his practiced ingenuity to the design table, Dick built in as much custom functionality to the workstation as possible.

Specific features include:

  • Adjustable Saw Table: can be raised or lowered a full 5 inches, accommodating any-sized chop saw. Factory calibrated, the screw lead design allows for precision leveling.
  • Seven Drawer Work Bench: organizes a variety of tools. Four distinctly sized drawers help contractors stay organized. Large capacity drawers provide space for skill saws, tool bags, and other bulky items. Rated for 100 lbs each, the seven lock drawers provide ample space for above-average job equipment needs.
  • Large Tool Cupboard: protects and provides ease of transport for stand-alone large tools.
  • Six Outlet Electrical Strip: accommodates power tools and chargers with ease.
  • Mounted Fire Extinguisher: for immediate access wherever you are working.
  • Two Heavy Duty Saw Horses: identical in height to the table top and conveniently stowed on the cart, these saw horses extend the worktable to accommodate larger jobs.

Optional product accessories address contractors’ additional needs

  • Custom designed carrier platform and protective cover answers transport needs for the MCS3 Workstation.
  • Anticipating customers’ needs, Mobile Services Technologies designed two product add-ons for its new workstation. The receiver hitch carrier platform and protective cover help customers transport the workstation easily from job to job and protect the station from harmful exposure to the elements.
  • Receiver hitch platform: designed for class III-IV hitches that hold up to 1000lbs tongue weight capacity, this receiver hitch platform has been fully approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles for safety transport standards.
  • Built with additional convenience features, the platform includes fold down ramps for easy curbside loading and unloading. Safety locks keep unit upright for travel and storage.
  • Protective cover: this cover keeps the workstation protected from the elements during transport and storage. Conveniently designed to double as a rain fly, the protective cover can help shelter tools and workers on the floor. Customizable, contractors can have their company name and logo screen printed or embroidered onto the cover for on-the-job advertising.

Easy to own, the MCS3 Workstation answers small- to medium-sized contractors cash-flow needs

Reliable, affordable, and easy to own, the MCS3 Workstation is available with generous financing offers. For as little as $98.00 per month, on a 60 month, $1 purchase option lease, any small- to middle-sized contracting or construction company can order MCS3 Workstations for their next job.

Mobile Services Technologies, Inc. offers workstation solutions for carpenters, welders, and other building contractors. Further product and corporate information can be found at or call MCS3 direct at 208-292-2857.



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